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Welcome to Kids Luxury Play Hire Melbourne - AFTERPAY AVAILABLE

Terms & Conditions

YOU (The Lessee) agree to the following terms and conditions of hire from Alaska’s White Castles  (The Lessor).

The Lessee hereby acknowledges that he/she has read and understood the Terms and Conditions of Hire and operating procedures of the jumping castle(s) unit as outlined in this hire agreement. By proceeding with the booking, the Lessee accepts all terms of this hire agreement.

A maximum of SIX (6) to TEN (10) children are permitted on the jumping castle at any one time, depending on maximum weight loads.

Total maximum weight at any one time should not exceed 200kg for the medium castle and 250kg for the large castle.

No one person weighing 100kg or more is permitted on the jumping castle(s).

Adults are permitted on the jumping castle(s) if supervising or assisting a child in need of care but must adhere to the maximum weight allowance.

All riders must remove shoes and socks before playing on the jumping castle.

To avoid injuries; flips, wrestling and rough play is not allowed.

No toys, jewellery, glasses, sharp or foreign objects of any kind are permitted on the castle(s).

A person over the age of 18 years MUST be present to supervise children on the jumping castle AT ALL TIMES. The safety of children is your responsibility at all times.

Absolutely no pets, pens, textas, paint, dye, lollies, food, drinks, spray silly string, streamers, party poppers, glitter, water, sand, mud, dirt or other sticky substances are allowed on the jumping castle at any time. If any of these items or any items are found to have been in or on the jumping castle, an additional cleaning fee will apply. If any stains deemed by us to be severe are to be found on the castle, a damage or replacement fee may apply.

Once set-up for use, the jumping castle must not be moved.

The hirer (Lessee) must ensure the area where the jumping castle will be set up is free of pet droppings, rocks, sticks, glass or any other debris or sharp objects.

The castle must not be set up in mud, sand, gravel, rocks nor underneath trees, power lines or structures unless a ,minimum of 1 meter clearance can be observed.

Pets must be restrained or removed from the area during the duration of the jumping castle hire. If pets have been found to have been on the jumping castle, an additional cleaning fee OR damage fee (dependant on damage) will apply.

The Lessee agrees to keep the jumping castle in the same condition as when received (ordinary wear accepted). Cleaning charges will apply for castles stained with face paint, food, mud, silly string or anything else deemed to be an excessive mess. 

The Lessor hereby maintains that the jumping castle unit is reliable and maintained at all times.

If the castle begins to deflate for any reason, immediately instruct children to carefully disembark through the main entrance.

Should the motor stop check the on/off switch on the blower and the extension cord connections.

If the motor is still running, check the air intake on the side of the motor for blockages, check tubes at the back of the jumping castle unit are attached tightly, straight and that the motor has not tipped. If the above does not correct the problem please call us immediately on 0422 204 611.

Should your booking be for a venue, public space, building or park, a booking confirmation must be provided to us via within 72 hours of your hire period commencing. Should you not have permission to erect a jumping castle in the space you have advised us, your booking will not proceed and your hire fee will be forfeited.

The Lessee must be available onsite from the time specified by Alaska’s White Castles for unit handover and safety instructions. The Lessee must be available and remain available onsite until Alaska’s White Castles return for cleaning and packup. Should the unit be switched off at the time of arrival and the Lessor are unable to reinflate the castle, our minimum cleaning charge will apply to ensure the unit is in a hireable state for the next hire period.

COVID-19 UPDATE: All bookings cancelled or postponed due to COVID-19 will receive a CREDIT on file for 24 months in line with Cancellation policy terms. Regrettably, no refunds will apply.

The Lessee acknowledges that on the day of the event, he/she will be instructed about and fully understand the safe operational requirements of the jumping castle(s) unit and has read all Terms & Conditions listed herein. The Lessee agrees to observe all safety precautions listed in our Terms and Conditions and readily available on the safety plaques on our castles. The Lessee also warrants the safe return of the jumping castle and hereby agrees to pay the full purchase price (minimum $2,000.00) if the jumping castle is not returned, returned in an unhireable state or is deemed damaged beyond repair. There is a minimum fee of $500.00 for any repair(s) required to the unit(s) due to the Lessees negligence plus an hourly labour fee of $100.00 per hour plus materials and transport. For any damage caused by excessive mess, staining or any other reason that leaves a unit in a state deemed by us as unacceptable, a cleaning fee will apply of a minimum of $200.00 plus $100.00 labour per hour and any further costs involved to return the castle to a hireable state.

The Lessee shall be in charge of the jumping castle unit’s operation and any other hire equipment and is fully responsible for its safe operation as well as the return of all hire equipment in good working condition. The Lessor, its employees and agents is/are not responsible for injury occurring to the Lessee or to any other persons using the jumping castle(s) unit or any other rental equipment. The Lessee further agrees to hold the Lessor & its officers, employees and agents free & harmless against any injury or claim. The Lessee shall indemnify the Lessor and its officers, employees or agents from/against any costs incurred due to claims from anyone and for attorney’s fees & related costs involving the use and return of the jumping castle(s) unit or any other rental equipment(s) should legal action become necessary. 


You of course have the option to cancel or postpone your hire.

Please email noting your hire date and cancellation reason AT LEAST 24 HOURS PRIOR TO YOUR BOOKING. On the day cancellations will incur a forfeiture of your full hire fee unless otherwise agreed in writing by us.

As the castle has been booked and set aside for your exclusive use on the requested date, there are limits on credit options.

During periods of severe weather conditions (heavy rain, high winds, storms etc), we reserve the right to cancel your booking. If conditions are not expected to be too severe we will proceed with your booking unless we hear from you. If your event is outdoors, It is recommended that you have an indoor back up option (PLAN B) to take into account the unpredictability of weather.

Credits do not apply should weather impact your hire after the castle has been installed or after your booking date has been postponed once.

If you need to change your date due to any extenuating circumstance  (once per booking) or we deem it unsafe to proceed due to strong winds, heavy rains or storms, you will be entitled to a full credit to use within 12 months of booking date. 

COVID-19 UPDATE: All bookings cancelled or postponed due to COVID-19 restrictions/Government orders made on March 23rd 2020 will receive a CREDIT on file for 24 months in line with the above postponement terms. No refunds will apply.